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I  am an Italian underwater and travel photographer based in Dubai. 

I got into photography about 20 years ago mainly as a way to capture the places, people and experiences i discovered during my travels. After shooting reportage and nature photography for more than 10 years, i moved to Dubai and was finally able to marry my photography with my other passion for diving and the sea.

For the last 8 years I focused mostly on underwater photography documenting the underwater beauty of a wide range of international destinations and local  less known gems in the Middle East.

I have a main day job in marketing in a large multinational so i can do limited photography work with some magazine publication and stock /art imagery. I am the main feature photographer for the Emirates Diving Magazine for which I covered some great destinations like Sipadan and Sudan.

I love to use my photography to support environmental initiatives and conservation projects.I support UAE based shark research projects for  Sharwkatch Arabia and Gulf Elasmo project - focused on understanding and protecting sharks and rays in the Arabian Seas with the help of citizen science.

I was also the main contributing photographer for Arabian National Geographic " Wild Arabia" outdoor exhibition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to raise awareness around Arabia's unique biodiversity.

My shark imagery was used in the recently published Sharks of the Arabian Seas and Comprendre et Plonger avec Les Requins.

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